Plug It In Baby

Coir Plugs. Now, why haven’t I tried these before?!

This year, I’m growing some Chilli Plants from seed, starting them off in an indoor propagator. I have a pack of Coir Compost Plugs which are clever little products. They come dried, and expand and rehydrate once warm water is poured on them, becoming a few inches in height and just the right size to drop in a seed and let it grow!

The great thing is, that once the seedling starts growing and getting to a decent size, the whole Coir Plug can be repotted into a larger pot, reducing the impact on the young plant. Perfect things for a single Chilli seed.

Growing Chillies Indoors

I first started growing Chilli Plants outdoors the summer before last, and had a great crop of various Chillies such as; Scotch Bonnets, Jalapenos, Habanero Peppers etc. However, last summer the British weather was awful. Rain, rain, and more rain! This pretty much destroyed my crop due to the damp and rotting of the plants. This year, I’m planning to grow from seed and cultivate and nurture indoors… at least for the first couple of months.

This little beauty from the South Devon Chilli Farm, is a great starter-kit to get you on the road of growing your own Chilli Peppers at home, and I am awaiting delivery and will post a review once I get going.

Check out what you get in the kit, and how to get going in this YouTube video from the chaps at The South Devon Chilli Farm.